Helpful Information

Car Seat Information provides information regarding car safety along with tools to assist you in picking the best car seat for your child.

Lead Information
These two sites are great tools for learning about the dangers and prevention of lead poisoning.
Lead Safe St. Louis
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Lead

General Medical Information & Parenting Tips:
Visit St. Louis Children's Hospital to learn about services provided and find helpful information regarding any medical questions you may have regarding your child's health.
Visit Medline Plus to find information on health topics, learn about medicine and supplements, and access an extensive medical encyclopedia.
Visit Is Your Child Sick for any questions you may have about illnesses or injuries.
Visit Up-to-Date to search for extensive information regarding any medical symptom or diagnosis your child may have.

Parenting Tips:
Visit Healthy Children to access tools and information provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Visit Parenting Resources to view information regarding lactation consultation, postpartum resources and more or to set up an appointment with a specialist recommended by the physicians here at Forest Park Pediatrics.

Visit Pickles and Ice Cream: Sleep Consulation to view information regarding healthy sleeping habits for your baby or set up a free consultation.

If you're experiencing many sleepless nights, please visit Pediatric Sleep to view information from Nancy Birkenmeier, BSN, RN, regarding tips and advice for your baby or toddler.

For help with lactation, please visit Sweet Pea Breastfeeding for information or lactation consultations.

Make sure you check out the Kids Care App.  It's free from St. Louis Children's Hospital and available for download on Android or iPhone.